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On behalf of Columbia Property Trust, we would like to welcome you to 315 Park Avenue South (PAS). We are thrilled that you have chosen our property for your office workplace, and we look forward to a long- lasting and successful relationship.

This tenant handbook has been developed to provide you and your team with a convenient reference guide for commonly asked questions about the building’s operations, procedures, and policies. Many sections in this Handbook reference forms that should be completed by each tenant company and provided to Property Management to help ensure the safety and security for every person at this property. For your easy reference, we have included a complete set of these forms on our website


We also have an Emergency Procedures and Evacuation Plan separate from this Handbook. As we encourage you to share this information with every employee in your office.

We strive to provide the best environment for you, your employees, and guests, and will issue new or updated information as needed to accompany this handbook.

Your experience is of utmost importance to us. We welcome any questions, concerns, and suggestions you may have. Please feel free to contact the Management Office at 212.419.7082.

Copyright 2023 by Columbia Property Trust.