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315 PAS has developed Emergency Procedures as a guide to understanding the life safety systems and procedures pertaining to the building which is referred to as the 315 PAS Emergency Procedures and Evacuation Plan.

A copy is available at Please ensure that all occupants are familiar with the Emergency Procedures provided. The Emergency Procedure and Evacuation Plan provides a detailed outline of the tenant and building occupant requirements relative to Fire Safety. For your personal safety while in the building please read familiarize yourself with the Emergency Procedures Manual carefully.


Testing of the building’s life safety system equipment is conducted on a semi-annual basis after normal business hours for your safety. Whenever possible, the Management Office will notify tenants in advance of the testing dates. Audible announcements will be provided prior to each actual test. In the event of an actual emergency during this testing process, you will be notified via the public address system.



One of our greatest concerns is the safety of our tenants and their visitors. To ensure that we have an effective Life Safety Program, it is necessary that our annual and semi- annual EAP training is to be participated by your office’s fire brigade and employees. The success of this program is important as it provides an understanding of how building systems and personnel should respond during emergency events. The Management team will provide notice upon the scheduling of the training sessions.



Please refer to the following schedule of the annual and semi-annual training as required by FDNY. 


  • Non-Fire Emergency Drill for all building occupants
  • Fire Safety & EAP Staff Training for all Fire Brigade Team Members, Fire Safety, EAP Wardens, and Searchers


  • Fire Drills for all building occupants
  • Deputy FLS Director & Building Evacuation Supervisor Non-Emergency Staff Training for all Fire Brigade Team Members, Fire Safety, EAP Wardens, and Searchers

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